48 How to Hire an In-House Videographer

Let’s assume you feel video — and “showing it” — are fundamental to your business going forward. If you do want to become a “media company” and produce great, impactful content like The Selling 7, how are you going to do it?

You must embrace two important realities:

  • Someone must “own” your video production in-house — a videographer.
  • Your team must clearly understand the what, how, and why of video, while also being willing to learn how to communicate on camera effectively.

Your immediate reaction upon reading this is very likely the same as so many business owners and managers have said to me over the past few years when I’ve spoken on this subject: “Why would a business like mine ever have the need for a full-time videographer? Are there really 40 hours of work per week for such a position in my niche?”

To answer the first question, let’s just go back to The Selling 7. Videos, when done well, are likely going to take a videographer months and months to produce.

Let’s look at it another way. My agency, IMPACT, has worked hand-in-hand with organizations across a wide range of industries with video, and never have we seen a situation when we said, “You know, there simply isn’t enough work here for a videographer to work full-time.”

Besides that, if you truly understand the incredible importance the videographer position will have on your sales and marketing numbers, you would never question whether or not this should be a full-time position. ...

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