60 “How Do I Find More Time to Make This Work Within My Organization?”

Far and away, one of the most common reasons companies say that haven’t been able to achieve success with content marketing comes down to one variable: time. Individuals and companies are struggling — mightily — to find the time to produce content.

And I get that. It’s not necessarily easy. It won’t happen overnight. But, when done right, it’s always worth it.

This being said, there are ways you can produce more content, at a faster rate, and more effectively. Some have been touched on already in this book. Others have not. Either way, they all work, as we’ve used them with our clients many times.

Create Blog Posts from Emails That Answer Questions Very Well

I’m amazed at just how much content (through email) the average business produces in a day. Many of these emails are to prospects and customers, answering their questions, giving them the information they seek. Sadly, most of this content is never used again. One might call it a “content marketing tragedy.”

Here at IMPACT, we’ve seen client content production explode simply by adding one step to their educational (They Ask, You Answer) emails — bcc-ing someone in the marketing department to ensure that the content (assuming it’s a fit) will be used in the future. By simply adding this click of a mouse, content ideas are continually being generated, the marketing team keeps its fingers on the pulse of all the questions and issues the sales team are ...

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