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Thiagi's—Interactive Lectures—Power up Your Training With Interactive Games and Exercises

Book Description

The juxtaposition of the words "lecture" and "interactive" might at first appear an unlikely pairing, but Thiagi has managed to pull off an intellectual slight of hand in Interactive Lectures so that the unusual word association makes perfect sense. While admitting that lectures are "probably the most ridiculed training technique," the author provides a solid argument for taking a second look at the method. He offers readers seven well-tested interactive lecture methods capable of turning almost any stand-up lecture into true two-way communication by incorporating highly stimulating game elements and exercises. The book offers specific guidance on how and when to use the games and exercises provided in the book along with step-by-step instructions for their application and blending in the classroom. In addition, icons throughout the book refer the reader to a full set of handouts that are included in the appendix section of the book. Readers are encouraged to photocopy or modify these useful tools to meet the specific needs of most audiences and lecture topics.