Writing a book like this was a challenge beyond what I could have imagined. I have learned things about the unique nature of some very successful entrepreneurs through the intimate experiences I shared with fellow members of Tiger 21 over the past two decades. Translating and clarifying those insights into a book that would be of interest to others was where the real challenge lay.

I knew I would need to partner with a writer who not only could focus more intently on this project than my schedule would allow but also bring skills I did not have. My agent, Jim Levine, introduced me to Ed Tivnan, a deeply experienced reporter and writer. Ed had the skills and experience writing books and interviewing people—something I simply lacked. Our original focus was to capture the insights I had been developing and see what was there. As we built an initial collection of ideas and themes, it was clear that we needed to conduct more interviews with Tiger 21 members to see how their experiences could lead us to further insights. We spent a full year pursuing and digesting interviews. Ed handled the majority of them and eventually realized the best way to organize all of these insights was through the vehicle of a lesson book. What seems obvious now was not at all obvious then.

While my own story is woven throughout the book, and I knew of or identified many of the interviewees through the help of the Tiger 21 chairs who lead and facilitate each of our 35 groups, Ed did the ...

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