coaching the culture: the new core capability for every leader

Take a moment to consider this question:

The answer, as is the case in the vast majority of organisations, is almost certainly a resounding ‘no’.

One further question:

If the answer is ‘yes’, it's important to take a look at the leadership and change approaches in use and the capability of leaders to coach a culture of one team thinking and behaviours.

At a time when every organisation is continually adapting to shifts in technology, markets and financial demands, silo‐based practices must be minimised if people are to successfully collaborate across the traditional boundaries to create solutions and new approaches.

how to minimise the silo effect

The key to minimising the silo effect is to equip and support the business unit leaders who are at the frontline of driving performance and change across the organisation.

It's ironic that leaders today have probably never had more access to information and tools, but the harsh reality is that they remain ill equipped or unsupported to garner the collaboration that's so essential. ...

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