Thinking the body as a basis, provocation and burden of life

Book description

The body is at the same time a place where we express duration and/or discontinuity in history, a witness of radical social changes, and a factor of stabilization, but also of the transformation of human life - and therefore an eminent challenge for every human being. This book will contribute in a decisively interdisciplinary and cross-cultural way to a better understanding of the place, role, and connection of the body within social, political, and cultural shifts.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Gert Melville and Carlos Ruta
  6. Preface
  7. Basic Perspectives
    1. Sandro Chignola
    2. Body Factories
    3. Karl-Siegbert Rehberg
    4. Self-reference and Sociality
    5. The Differentiation of “Perceived Body” and “Corpus” in Philosophical Anthropology
    6. Ariel Wilkis
    7. Thinking the Body
    8. Durkheim, Mauss, Bourdieu: The Agreements and Disagreements of a Tradition
    9. Walter Cenci
    10. Representation and Scene
    11. Mimesis and Vertigo of the Body
    12. Alexandre Roig
    13. The Headless Body
    14. Francisco-Hugo Freda
    15. The Body in Psychoanalysis
  8. Premodern Aspects
    1. Gert Melville
    2. The Body between Creation, Fall, Death, and Resurrection
    3. The Human Being and Corporal Life in the View of St. Augustine
    4. Jean-Claude Schmitt
    5. Thinking the Body in the Middle Ages
  9. Cultural Identities
    1. Karin Preisendanz
    2. Between Affirmation and Rejection
    3. Attitudes towards the Body in Ancient South Asia from the Ṛgveda to Early Classical Medicine
    4. Achim Mittag
    5. Body – State – Cosmos
    6. Random Notes on the Thinking of the Body in China
    7. Hua Cai
    8. Belief – Institution – Behavior
    9. A Comparison of Four Systems of Representation of the Body
  10. Gender, Sexuality, and Violence
    1. Vanesa Vazquez Laba and Cecilia Rugna
    2. Is My Body My Own?
    3. Reflecting on the Indeterminate Body and Livable Life
    4. Paula Sibilia
    5. The “Pornification” of the Gaze
    6. A Genealogy of the Nude Breast
    7. Karina Bidaseca
    8. Feminicide and the Pedagogy of Violence
    9. An Essay on Exile, Coloniality and Nature in Third Feminism
    10. José Antonio Garriga Zucal
    11. Use and Representations of the Body among Police Officers in the Province of Buenos Aires
  11. Endnotes
  12. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Thinking the body as a basis, provocation and burden of life
  • Author(s): Gert Melville, Carlos Ruta
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): De Gruyter Oldenbourg
  • ISBN: 9783110407471