Chapter 8The Internship

Matt locked his bike and looked at the bustling coffee shop with a neon sign in front that identified Viva, the coffee shop and roastery where Yisel had told Matt to meet her. It was set inside an old warehouse building with industrial glass garage doors opened to let in the warm spring air. Young professionals and students were scattered about, some working on laptops, others engrossed in conversation or reading.

“Matt,” Yisel called from behind the long coffee bar. She wiped her hands and came around to greet him. He was probably at least 10 years older and had just met her that morning. This and coming to her for entrepreneurship coaching and life lessons didn't seem strange in this moment.

“Come on back.” Yisel led Matt through the busy coffee shop, through a set of swinging double doors, and into the warehouse where an extensive coffee roasting operation was set up.

“Do you own this place?” Matt asked, never having been given a full explanation as to what Yisel was doing here.

“Oh no,” Yisel said, laughing. “I wish, but no. I still work in marketing during the day, but I work here at night where I also make my own coffee blends. Come here. I'll show you.”

Matt was captivated by the fresh, rich smells of roasted coffee beans. Yisel led him over to a staging area with what looked like 20 to 30 burlap sacks in barrels filled with coffee beans and covered with airtight lids. Yisel began to open the lids, scooping up beans and lifting them for Matt to ...

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