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In today's corporate world, 87 percent of companies fail to successfully execute the strategy they set for any given year. In this book, CEO mentor and coach Dan Prosser shows you how to make your company one of the other 13 percent-a Thirteener. In the process, he explains that the true challenge of building a great company-one that consistently executes its strategy-is understanding the real nature of human interaction and the key to success: connectedness.

Whether you're a successful CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, or leader, or whether you're struggling to build the business you've always wanted, Thirteeners will help you . . .

- transform your organization's internal connectedness so you can achieve your next level of performance you're looking for

- create a workplace environment that supports your vision and assures participation by every team member

- produce breakthrough results

With a focus on business as a network of interrelated conversations and through groundbreaking "Best Place To Work" company research, Prosser demonstrates what you need to do to transform the way your employees think and act to achieve unprecedented levels of performance for your company.

Product information

  • Title: Thirteeners
  • Author(s): Peter Lerman, Daniel F. Prosser
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: None