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This Is How to Get Your Next Job

Book Description

Even in a bad economy, companies have job openings they can’t fill. Considering the millions of people who are out of work or unhappily employed, how can that be?What are job seekers doing to turn off employers? And what is it that employers want but aren’t finding? Leading career expert and syndicated columnist Andrea Kay asked employers one simple question: why didn’t you hire the last ten people you interviewed? What it came down to, every time, wasn’t a matter of skills or experience, but how applicants seemed based on what they said or did. From lack of preparation, to pushiness, to a subtly defensive attitude, it's the simple behaviors prospective employees exhibit before, during, and after interviews that stand between them and job offers. Based on candid insights from real-life employers, and featuring a foreword by Richard Nelson Bolles, bestselling author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, this book helps job hunters take control of how they come across to the people in charge of hiring. From “20 Things You Should Never Do” to a “Would You Hire You?” test, This Is How to Get Your Next Job helps readers show hiring managers who they are and why they’re the perfect fit for the job they seek.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 You Are What You Seem
    1. Why They Aren’t Hiring You
    2. They’ve Been Burned
    3. Bad Behavior Is Making the Rounds
    5. It’s Worse Than Ever
    6. Can’t You Just Be More Like This?
    7. What Employers Look For
    8. A Job Offer from Steve Jobs
    9. Is This Too Much to Ask For?
    10. “Would You Hire You?” Test
    11. There Really Are Jobs Out There
    12. Making Peace with Where Things Are
  8. 2 Tell and Show
    1. Would-Be Employers Are Out to Reject You—And Fast
    2. The “How You’ll Be Remembered After You’ve Left the Room” Principle
    3. “How I Want to Be Remembered After I Leave the Room” Exercise
    4. “See, It’s Not Just Talk” Exercise
    5. There’s No Stopping You Now
    6. Was It Good for You?
  9. 3 15 Things You Should Never Do
    1. #1: Don’t Act Clueless and Unprepared
    2. Young Workers, New Grads, and Career Changers—Be Especially Wary
    3. #2: Don’t Get Defensive
    4. #3: Don’t Ever, Ever Be Late
    5. #4: Don’t Worry
    6. #5: Don’t Act Old
    7. #6: Don’t Be Humble
    8. #7: Don’t Act Blasé, Unresponsive, and Disinterested
    9. #8: Don’t Fixate on What You Lack
    10. #9: Don’t Crank Out Letters Like an Assembly Line
    11. #10: Don’t Act Desperate
    12. #11: Don’t Think It’s Over When the Interview Ends
    13. #12: Don’t Be Uptight and Don’t Try to Be Perfect
    14. #13: Don’t Be Too Casual
    15. #14: Don’t Ignore or Fabricate References
    16. #15: Don’t Ruin Your Rep on Social Media
    17. These Go Without Saying (Or Do They?)
  10. 4 15 Things You Should Never Talk About or Say
    1. Operating Principles
    2. #1: Don’t Talk About Things You Can’t Back Up
    3. #2: Don’t Talk About Bad Bosses and Companies, Ex-Husbands and Wives, and Negative Things in General
    4. #3: Don’t Talk About Money, Perks, and Other “What Will You Do for Me?” Items
    5. #4: Don’t Talk About TMPI (Too Much Personal Information)
    6. #5: Don’t Talk About Irrelevant or Dumb Things That Just Pop into Your Head
    7. #6: Don’t Say Cutesy Stuff or Use Unprofessional and Irrelevant Information in Letters and Resumes
    8. #7: Don’t Say “I Have Good People Skills”
    9. #8: Don’t Say “That’s Not an Issue”
    10. #9: Don’t Say “I Won’t Do That!”
    11. #10: Don’t Say “I Just Want to Learn”
    12. #11: Don’t Say Anything That’s Gobbledygook
    13. #12: Don’t Use Non-Words, Fillers, and Other Annoying Things
    14. #13: Don’t Use Buzzwords
    15. #14: Don’t Say “Goo Moring”
    16. #15: Don’t Say You Know Me (When You Don’t) or Tell Other Lies
  11. 5 10 Things You Should Never Wear
    1. #1: Don’t Wear Plaid, Hawaiian, or Animal Print Shirts or T-Shirts with or Without Wording
    2. #2: Don’t Wear Nose and Tongue Rings
    3. #3: Don’t Wear Revealing Blouses or Strapless, Cropped Tops
    4. #4: Don’t Wear Super-Short Skirts or Miniskirts
    5. #5: Don’t Wear Beachwear Such as Flip-Flops, Sandals, Sneakers, or Rubber-Soled Deck Shoes
    6. #6: Don’t Wear Jeans, Stretch Pants, Leggings, or Shorts
    7. #7: Don’t Wear High, High Heels or Patterned Hose
    8. #8: Don’t Wear Unflattering, Ill-Fitting Clothing That Needs Cleaning
    9. #9: Don’t Wear Overkill Jewelry, Makeup, and Other Accessories
    10. #10: Don’t Wear Uniforms
  12. 6 15 Things You Should Never Do Once You Get a Job or in Your Career—Ever
    1. #1: Don’t Disregard Those Who Helped You Get This Job and the Rest of the Jobs You’ll Discover in Your Career
    2. #2: Don’t Act Like a Know-It-All
    3. #3: Don’t Assume No One Is Paying Attention to You
    4. #4: Don’t Focus on Merely Being Employed
    5. #5: Don’t Get Sloppy
    6. #6: Don’t Assume You Know Everything You Need to Know
    7. #7: Don’t Forget to Track Your Accomplishments
    8. #8: Don’t Count on Anyone to Watch Over Your Career
    9. #9: Don’t Ignore Your Own and Others’ Feelings
    10. #10: Don’t Insist on Knowing How Things Will Turn Out
    11. #11: Don’t Let Your Soul Get Sucked Dry
    12. #12: Don’t Leave in a Huff
    13. #13: Don’t Do Your Work for Anyone but Yourself
    14. #14: Don’t Get Careless with Your Online Presence
    15. #15: Don’t Forget Who Brought You to the Dance
  13. Conclusion: How to Make It in This Wild and Crazy Time
  14. Acknowledgments
  15. Index
  16. About the Author