Chapter 2. Internet Information Server (IIS) Authentication and Authorization Models, and Locking Down File Access with EFS and WebDAV
Information in this chapter:
▪ RSA and AES
▪ Building the Web Application Structure
▪ Security in Depth
▪ Securing Access with WebDAV
▪ Conclusion
Products, Tools, and Methods:
▪ Internet Information Server (IIS)
▪ WebDAV
▪ New Technology File System (NTFS)
▪ Encrypting File System (EFS)
▪ Custom Application Pools
This chapter explains the different authentication and authorization mechanisms and models one can deploy in IIS, and goes on to use EFS as an example of how to substantially increase the security posture of remotely accessible files.
Keywords: IIS EFS WebDAV


Microsoft's Encrypting ...

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