Chapter 13

Graphing Parametric Equations

In This Chapter

arrow Changing the mode and window of your calculator

arrow Entering and graphing parametric equations

arrow Using Trace to evaluate parametric equations

arrow Viewing the table of a parametric graph

arrow Finding the derivative of parametric equations

Parametric equations are used in Pre-calculus and Physics classes as a convenient way to define x and y in terms of a third variable, T. If you are familiar with the graphing function on your calculator, then parametric equations shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you. In this chapter, you find tips and steps that should make graphing parametric equations something that you look forward to.

Anything that can be graphed in Function mode can also be graphed as a set of parametric equations. Using parametric equations enables you to investigate horizontal distance, x, and vertical distance, y, with respect to time, T. This adds a new dimension to your graph! The direction a point is moving is an important ...

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