Chapter 14

Graphing Polar Equations

In This Chapter

arrow Changing the mode and window of your calculator

arrow Entering and graphing polar equations

arrow Using Trace to evaluate polar equations

arrow Viewing the table of a polar graph

arrow Finding the derivative of polar equations

A polar coordinate system is used in Pre-calculus class as yet another way to define a point. Polar coordinates are of the form (r, θ). The distance from the pole (similar to the origin) is called, r. The polar axis is a ray that extends from the pole (similar to the positive x-axis). A positive angle is measured in a counterclockwise direction from the polar axis to a line that connects the pole and a point. See Figure 14-1 for a visual of a polar coordinate.


Figure 14-1: Polar coordinates.

Polar coordinates (r, θ) can be converted to rectangular coordinates (x, y), as discussed in Chapter 9. The purpose of this chapter is to explain ...

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