Chapter 21

Communicating Between Calculators

In This Chapter

arrow Linking calculators so files can be transferred between them

arrow Determining what files can be transferred

arrow Selecting files to be transferred

arrow Transferring files between calculators

You can transfer data lists, programs, matrices, and other such files from one calculator to another if you link the calculators with the unit-to-unit link cable that came with your calculator. This chapter describes how to make such transfers.

Linking Calculators

Calculators are linked using the unit-to-unit link cable that came with the calculator. If you are no longer in possession of the cable, you can purchase one through the Texas Instruments online store at

tip.eps The unit-to-unit link cable has an I/O plug on each end. This cable can be used to link a TI-83 to a TI-84. It can also be used to link two TI-84s. On the TI-83, it connects to the I/O port at the bottom of the calculator.

The unit-to-unit USB cable that came with ...

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