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Time to Talk

Book Description

Wondering when to expect baby’s first word? Want to get your toddler talking? Worried your child is not speaking as clearly as his peers?

When it comes to language acquisition, all parents have questions…and Time to Talk has the answers. Written by an experienced speech-language pathologist and mom, this practical and proactive guide will help you:

  • Understand the building blocks of speech and language
  • Monitor progress against expected milestones
  • Enhance your child’s communication skills
  • Spot signs of potential problems with hearing, speech, or language development
  • Address common concerns, such as articulation, late talking, stuttering, dyslexia, and more
  • Get the best results from speech and language therapy
  • Foster literacy
  • Raise bilingual children successfully
  • And more

From baby’s first babbling to reading readiness, this speech-language booster and troubleshooter covers it all.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half title
  3. Title
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Hearing: A Building Block to Talking
    1. What’s Hearing, Anyway?
    2. How Does Hearing Development Happen?
    3. Let’s Look at the Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear
    4. Types of Hearing Loss
    5. Testing, Testing, Testing
  8. 2. Speech: The Road to Mastering Sounds
    1. What’s Speech, Anyway?
    2. How Does Speech Development Happen?
    3. Move That Mouth, Baby!
    4. Let’s Look at Developmental Milestones in Speech Development
    5. A Common Concern: Articulation Disorder
  9. 3. Language: The Key to Communication
    1. What’s Language, Anyway?
    2. How Does Language Development Happen?
    3. Language Theory 101
    4. Let’s Look at Developmental Milestones in Language Development
    5. A Common Concern: Late Talkers
  10. 4. Fluency: Making Speech and Language Sound Smooth
    1. What’s Fluency, Anyway?
    2. What’s Happening When Speech Is Not Smooth?
    3. Let’s Look at Stuttering
  11. 5. Literacy: Reading Begins with Talking
    1. What Are the Elements of Literacy?
    2. Let’s Look at Developmental Milestones in Literacy
    3. Let’s Look at Developmental Milestones in Writing and Spelling
  12. 6. More Than One: A Guide to Bilingualism
    1. Are Babies Born to Be Bilingual?
    2. Let’s Look at the Many Forms of Bilingualism
    3. How Does Your Child Become Bilingual?
    4. Bilingualism in the School Setting
  13. 7. Special Concerns: When Things Don’t Go as Expected
    1. Hearing Disorders: When Your Child Has Difficulty Detecting and Recognizing Sounds
    2. Speech Disorders: When Your Child Has Difficulty Forming Speech Sounds
    3. Language Disorders: When Your Child Has Difficulty Conveying Thoughts and Ideas Through Words
    4. Other Disorders That Affect Your Child’s Ability to Communicate
  14. 8. Getting Help: Who to See, Where to Go, and What Your Therapy Options Are
    1. Getting Started on Getting Help
    2. Meet the Professionals
    3. Public Options for Getting Help for Your Child
    4. Private Options for Getting Help for Your Child
    5. Let’s Look at Methods of Speech Language Therapy
  15. Index
  16. Free Sample Chapter from Stress-Free Discipline
  17. About AMACOM
  18. Copyright