The foregoing has dealt with some important tools to becoming a successful investor or trader. One aspect that is almost never considered is how to choose the best periods for trading. Traders use their skills to analyze the market, determine the best trade setups, and determine when to enter and exit trades, but few pay any attention to their own astrological cycle. Most people go through personal cycles of profit and loss, and perhaps more so those who are engaged in trading or fund management. So why not sidestep some of the risky or adverse periods and resume trading when there is a personal change in trend and a higher probability of winning?

To begin with, what is meant by the “best periods for trading”? They are, simply put, those periods when a person might benefit from favorable astro-harmonic aspects of his or her birth chart or natal chart. In the case of a company, its natal chart is the date of incorporation. However, to compile a date of incorporation chart for a company is difficult because it is hard to obtain the precise time of incorporation of most companies. Thus, for the purpose of this section, natal charts of a company are based on the first-trade charts, that is, the first day of trading in the stock of a company on an exchange.

Adverse periods are those when the aspects are stressful or inharmonious to one’s natal chart. For day traders and other professionals who trade frequently, it may be useful to know when the ...

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