Can we predict the market using astrological methods? Forecasting the probability of market direction has been the primary goal of every trader since early times. When will the market make a peak? Or when will it make a trough? These are everyday questions in the mind of every trader. The age-old market prediction method of using advanced mathematical calculations and historical economic data, sector data, and price data has been the cornerstone of making market forecasts. And it is still the most acceptable method. But the method works well only when the market is not subject to so much volatility. The world today is plagued with uncertainties caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters, military conflicts, political unrest, and corporate fraud and scams, occurring at unexpected frequent intervals, seemingly without end. Therefore, the old methods seem inadequate to make a reasonably reliable prediction of market movements today.

The stock market is too sensitive, too erratic and chaotic for such basic forecasts. The change of value of the shares is always related to future expectations, not the supposed correct value at the moment of trade. It is in these challenging circumstances that prediction using financial astrology adds its value as a complement to the traditional method by revealing another dimension. Forecasts made using the planetary movements through the zodiac can increase the odds in favor of the trader significantly. While some traders continue ...

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