Chapter 9 covers some basic aspects of financial astrology, including cycles, selecting stocks, finding the best timing, and market forecast. Financial astrology is made much easier today with computing software. The development of financial astrology in combined use with technical analysis to assist in reading market timing and market directional movements, particularly in the plotting of planetary movements on price charts, is gaining popularity. It is likely that the fusion of these two independent systems will radically change the approach to technical charting in the future.

Financial astrology is an analysis of financial matters based on the observation of planetary movements. After trading the markets for some time, it will become apparent that major change in trend (CIT) points often coincide with certain astro-harmonic cycles. In fact, there is much evidence to show that astronomical cycles correlate with moves in the financial markets, as explained in Chapter 9. Planetary positions, which are available through astronomical almanacs on computer programs, may be plotted either as a horoscope chart or against a price chart. However, the interpretation of planetary movements and the events they imply is best explained by examples.

For traders who are new to the subject, it may be easier to start using a chart analysis program like TradeStation with an astro add-on module. The following charts are examples of plots of the lunar cycles, the eclipse cycles, ...

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