Chapter 6

Creating the Baseplate


check Creating and saving your new Tinkercad project

check Setting up private or public access to your new project

check Using the Tinkercad basic shapes to develop the baseplate

check Utilizing the Tinkercad Workplanes to your advantage

In this chapter, you discover how you can create a nameplate that you print later in 3D and mount on your office door, thus promoting your entry into Tinkercad geekdom.

Working with the Tinkercad basic shapes, you develop the baseplate of the nameplate and find out how to use the 3D workplanes in Tinkercad to your advantage.

Starting and Saving a New Project

You need to set up a new project that you can use to create your nameplate. You can call Tinkercad projects anything you like. I named my new project My Nameplate.

In this chapter, you discover what you need to do to create your nameplate:

  1. Set up a new project.
  2. Create a blank Tinkercad design.
  3. Decide on public or private access to your design.
  4. Decide on design properties and licensing.

You can also find out about basic Tinkercad tasks, such as using the Workplane, grid, ...

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