Chapter 9

Cutting Holes to Mount the Nameplate


check Adding objects to an existing Tinkercad design

check Using objects to create holes in a Tinkercad solid

check Making holes part of the Tinkercad solid

check Grouping objects to make a complex object

In this chapter, you find out how you can add objects to create holes in your nameplate so that you can hang it (should you 3D print it) on your office door.

You also discover additional grouping objects in Tinkercad so that you can make your nameplate one complex solid object.

Choosing a Shape for the Hole

To hang your nameplate, if you do decide to 3D print it, you need some holes in it. Period.

It does not matter what you hang your nameplate with — screws, string, ribbon — some holes are required.

You need to choose a hole that is suitable to the method of hanging you need. More often than not, that hole will tend to be circular.

Getting into Position

The Workplane needs to be set to its original (default) position where the base of the nameplate is sitting on the Workplane. Simply select the Workplane command and then select a point in space ...

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