Chapter 16

3D Printing Selected Shapes


check Printing separate parts of your 3D design

check Hiding the shapes you don’t want to print

check Considering separate shapes for printing

In this chapter, you consider 3D printing selected parts of your 3D design and look into the possibilities of printing your design in parts, which makes the design interchangeable with different design and usage options.

In the case of your nameplate, you may consider 3D printing the nameplate base as one part, and the nameplate text as a separate part. Think about this. You could have designs for all different types of text to go on your nameplate and use magnets of Velcro to attach them.

The possibilities are endless with Tinkercad, right?

Selecting Specific Shapes from Your Design

Ideally, you want different designs for specific shapes that you want to 3D print. In the case of the nameplate, you want two designs: nameplate body and nameplate text.

tip Here’s a little trick you can use: Use the Duplicate command to duplicate your nameplate design twice so that you have two copies. You can then use one copy ...

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