3A New Direction

“You know, Bri-man . . . I think you’re a great guy, right?” The slurring words came out of Chris Conroy’s mouth.

“And I really hate to be the one to tell you, but since you’re a great guy and all, I can’t let you walk in there tomorrow without knowing.”

Brian stared intently at his director of sales.

“The company is moving in a new direction, and unfortunately, they’re going to be letting you go. Word has it that it’s going to be about 10 from sales. I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you, but I thought you should know.”

Brian tried to remain composed.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he stammered.

Chris Conroy just shrugged.

“Can’t tell you much more than that. I just heard that a RIF is happening and 20% of the entire company is being let go.”

“RIF?” Brian asked.

“Reduction in force. Company is in the red, and the higher-ups need to see profits in order to be attractive to potential buyers. So, they’re tightening their belts and letting go of anyone not considered valuable to the new direction.”

Brian wanted to ask Chris so many questions. Why him? What new direction? What did he mean? Brian had never missed a quota in 10 years. Did they realize at 39 years old he had a wife and three kids to support? The knot in his stomach tightened, and he had the overwhelming urge to throw up.

“What do you mean, a new direction?” was all Brian could ask.

“Not sure what they mean,” slurred Chris. “All I know is, the big cheese is sending out an e-mail tomorrow, ...

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