9Wake-Up Call

It was noon before Brian woke up. He did not hear any sounds in the house. No screaming, no banging of doors, no giggling. As he got out of bed and walked downstairs he realized that he was alone. He couldn’t remember the last time he was alone in the house. Brian usually left before anyone in the morning and usually was the last to get home at night. On the weekends, they were always together. It felt strange being by himself in the middle of the day. He made his way into the kitchen and saw the note from Jen next to the wad of money he left on the counter from the night before.

  • We went to your sister’s house so the kids could play with their cousins. Thought you could use the extra sleep, since you’ll be working again tonight. Can’t believe you made that much cash in one night. Maybe you should just bartend the rest of your life. ☺ Enjoy some time to yourself. Love, us. P.S. there’s coffee in the machine. Just hit the button.

Brian made himself the coffee and a couple of fried eggs. He also took a few Advil since his back was a mess and his knees felt like the second day after the annual Thanksgiving family Turkey Bowl football game. He could barely raise his arms over his head. But he liked the feeling. It was a good hurt, as his college coach used to say. It was a hurt that reminded you that you were involved in something worthwhile, and you gave it your all. The thought of going back to Crossroads in five hours already exhausted him, but he looked at the ...

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