20The Last TIP

Brian’s last night at Crossroads felt like a party. It was a Friday night, and all the regulars, throughout the evening, made their way to the middle of the bar to shake his hand and wish him well on his new job. He didn’t have time to talk with many of them for long, because the place was packed, but he made sure to thank everyone for their support throughout the 10 weeks. Jimmy would be coming back the next week, and Brian would be starting his new career on Monday morning. Some of the regulars even told Brian they thought he was better than Jimmy, and they would be sorry to see him go. He liked hearing that.

It was a crazy week and a half since Cara made him the offer on the spot. Of course, he said yes without even hearing what the compensation would be. He didn’t care. He knew it was the right role and the right company for him. Turns out, the base pay was better than what he had at his last job, the commission structure was generous, and even the benefits were better. Plus, he would be immediately enrolled in the leadership development program, since they looked to promote from within the company, all the way to the executive level.

But, to top it off, after Brian filled out all the paperwork, and the background check was completed, and his employment was official, Cara called him with a surprise. The hotel wasn’t going to be busy on Wednesday night, and if he wasn’t doing anything, would he and his family like to stay at the hotel for the evening . . ...

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