8 Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 Technical Guide
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Servers Version 6.1
New features and enhancements are available in the Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.1
server and related products. Here we summarize these features and enhancements in short,
high-level descriptions, so that you can start thinking about the potential benefits to your
storage-management operations. The changes introduced in Version 6.1.0 onwards are:
Changes to the Version 6.1 Administration Center:
Many features in the Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center Version 6.1 are new
for previous users.
Data deduplication:
Data deduplication is a method of eliminating redundant data in sequential-access disk
(FILE) primary, copy, and active-data storage pools. One unique instance of the data is
retained on storage media, and redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique
data copy. The goal of deduplication is to reduce the overall amount of time that is
required to retrieve data by letting you store more data on disk, rather than on tape.
Storage devices:
New device support and other changes to storage devices are available in Tivoli Storage
Manager Version 6.1.
Disaster recovery manager support for active-data pools:
To restore your client systems more quickly and efficiently, you can now use active-data
pools in your recovery plans and procedures.
EXPIRE INVENTORY command enhancements:
The EXPIRE INVENTORY command is now enhanced with new functionality.
No-query restore changes:
The no-query restore (NQR) function and the internal algorithms responsible for NQR
were changed to take advantage of DB2 capabilities and to improve performance.
Server database:
Tivoli Storage Manager version 6.1 provides a new server database. Advantages include
automatic statistics collection and database reorganization, full-function SQL queries, and
elimination of the need for offline audits of the database.
Support for NetApp SnapMirror® to Tape feature:
With Tivoli Storage Manager you can create SnapMirror to Tape images of file systems on
NetApp file servers.
ODBC driver support:
Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.1 uses the DB2 open database connectivity (ODBC)
driver to query the database and display the results.
Reporting and monitoring feature:
The reporting and monitoring feature uses a combination of the Tivoli Common Reporting
tool, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, and the IBM Tivoli Data Warehouse to offer you reports and
real time monitoring information about Tivoli Storage Manager servers and client activity.
1.4.2 Client enhancements, additions, and changes from Version 6.1
This chapter lists all the functional enhancements, additions, and changes for the IBM Tivoli
Storage Manager Backup Archive Client introduced as of Version 6.1.

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