Chapter 16. Installation and upgrade planning for Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 265
If you use the instance configuration wizard, the default name that is suggested is the host
name of the system that you are using. You can use a different name that is meaningful in
your environment.
If you have more than one server on the system and you use the instance configuration
wizard, you can use the default name for only one of the servers. You must enter a unique
name for each server. For example:
Directories for database space and recovery log
The directories for database and recovery log space can be named according to local
practices. For easier identification, consider using names that tie the directories to the server
e:\tsminst1\dbdir001 - dbdir database directories
f:\tsminst1\dbdir002 - dbdir database directories
g:\tsminst1\dbdir003 - dbdir database directories
h:\tsminst1\dbdir004 - dbdir database directories
i:\tsminst1\actlog - activelog directories
j:\tsminst1\actlogm - activelogmirror directories
k:\tsminst1\archlog - archivelog directories
l:\tsminst1\archlogf - archivefailover log directories
16.7 Performance
For best performance, use multiple LUNs that map to multiple independent disks, or that map
to RAID arrays with a large stripe size (for example, 128 KB). Use a different file system on
each LUN. Table 16-6 shows an example of LUN usage.
Table 16-6 Use of separate disks for database and logs
If the disk storage is supplied by a virtualization device (high-end storage controller, or a SAN
virtualization device), ensure that none of the virtual LUNs are on the same physical disk
drive. Ensure that the directories in use are on different physical disk drives within the
virtualization device.
# of LUNs Usage Mount point
4-128 Database <instance>/dbdir001 and higher
Active log <instance>/activelog
Archive log <instance>/archivelog
1 Active log mirror <instance>/activelogm
1 Archive log failover <instance>/archivelogf

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