Chapter 18. Installation of Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 on Windows 357
The Deployment Engine:
The Deployment Engine is a collection of common software packaging, deployment, and
configuration technologies from IBM Tivoli. The common technologies provide a standard
way for application developers to package their software for deployment to a number of
popular operating system and application environments. In addition, Deployment Engine
can manage subsequent functionality and maintenance updates on the deployed software
as performed by the administrator.
InstallAnywhere is an application that creates wizard installers for multiple platforms
where the options are shown in the installer.
Tivoli Storage Manager native packages for server, license, device driver, storage agent,
languages, and client application programming interfaces (APIs). DB2, WebSphere®
Application Server), Integrated Solution Console (ISC), and the Administration Center
Web Application Archive (WAR) file.
18.4.1 Package names
The package names in Tivoli Storage Manager Release V6.1 are, and
The fix packs for Tivoli Storage Manager are available on the ftp site:
18.4.2 Package extraction
To extract the package, double-click the *.exe files or execute<PF>.exe
on the command line.
After you have extracted the package, the structure consists of the Composite Offering
Installer, Deployment Engine, PostFailureTask.xml, READme.htm, and install.exe files.
18.4.3 Installing components
The Tivoli Storage Manager server and client API, languages, licenses, device driver, storage
agent, and Administration Center comprise the Tivoli Storage Manager components.
You can install the following components with Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.1:
Tivoli Storage Manager server
Tivoli Storage Manager server languages
Tivoli Storage Manager licenses
Tivoli Storage Manager device driver
Tivoli Storage Manager storage agent
Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center
Tivoli Storage Manager reporting and monitoring
It is advisable to install Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center and Tivoli Storage
Manager reporting and monitoring on the same server.

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