508 Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 Technical Guide
22.2.8 Server requirements for Linux on System z systems
The Tivoli Storage Manager server has the following minimum requirements for hardware and
Hardware requirements
Table 22-11 describes the minimum hardware requirements. For information about estimating
the total disk space that is required, see “Estimating total space requirements for upgrade
process and server” on page 514.
Table 22-11 Hardware requirements for Linux on System z
Software requirements
Table 22-12 describes the minimum software requirements.
Table 22-12 Software requirements for Linux on System z
Type of hardware Hardware requirements
Hardware An IBM Linux on System z® 900, IBM Linux on System z 800, or IBM
Linux on System z 990 server with either native logical partitions
(LPARS) or VM guests. You can use 64-bit LPARs and VM guests.
64-bit LPARS and VM guests are used by the storage agent to perform
LAN-free operation.
Disk space Disk space The following minimum values for disk space:
5 MB for the /var directory
4 GB for the /opt directory
190 MB for the /tmp directory
300 MB for the /usr directory
Additional disk space might be required for database and log files. The
size of the database depends on the number of client files to be stored
and the method by which the server manages them.
Memory At least 2 GB. A minimum of 4 GB for production servers. 8 GB is
Type of software Minimum software requirements
Operating System The Tivoli Storage Manager server on Linux on System z (s390x 64-bit
architecture) requires one of the following operating systems:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Update 3 or later
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Update 2 or later
Library Library GNU C library, Version 2.4-31.43.6 is installed on the Tivoli
Storage Manager system.
Applications IBM Java 1.5 or later
Communication protocol TCP/IP Version 4 or Version 6, which is standard with Linux
Shared memory protocol (with Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.1

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