Connecting our FriendsList to our web service

To get our FriendsList talking to our web service, we first need an instance of our new Requester. We will also import messagebox, so that we can show some pop-up windows if there are any errors:

import tkinter.messagebox as msgfrom requester import Requester...    def __init__(self, **kwargs):        ...        self.requester = Requester()        ...

With this in place, we can write the actual login and create_account methods:

def login(self):    username = self.username_entry.get()    real_name = self.real_name_entry.get()    if self.requester.login(username, real_name):        self.username = username        self.real_name = real_name        self.show_friends()    else:        msg.showerror("Failed", f"Could not log in as {username}")

To log in, we first ...

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