Profiling PL/SQL Code

Starting with version 8i, Oracle can track statistics on the execution of SQL, including procedures and functions. TOAD interfaces with the DBMS_PROFILE package, giving you an easy way to track and compare your program statistics.

If the Stop Watch button on the top toolbar, or the PL/SQL Profiling and Profiler Analysis buttons (on the Database menu) are greyed out, run the script <Oracle Home >/RDBMS/admin/profload.sql as SYS. You will also then need to run the TOAD script TOADProfiler.sql found in the <TOAD Home >/Temps directory. Be sure to exit and restart TOAD.

The Stop Watch button on the top toolbar is a toggle. Turn it on and the Profiler will ask you for a run name after the procedure has completed execution, as ...

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