Top Management Teams

Book description

A top management team (TMT) matters for its organization—but how? Although the assumption of TMT organizational impact may be widespread, it is also highly elusive, as researchers and practitioners often cannot pinpoint exactly how TMTs influence their organizations.

This book outlines how a TMT can matter most for its organization, and does so in a positive way by considering the most recent academic and practical insights. Two factors are critical: (1) inside the boardroom, TMT members' behavior determines the quality of strategic decisions, and (2) outside the boardroom, the way in which the TMT works with middle managers is crucial for the subsequent implementation of those decisions. Understanding how these two factors can be effectively performed can help you, TMT members, middle managers, team coaches, and HR practitioners grasp the complex mechanisms of TMT impact.

This book also provides an overview of the organizational mechanisms of TMT impact, and, when completed, you'll know how a TMT exerts influence and have more insight in how to make TMTs more effective in your organization.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Preface
  5. Chapter 1: Teams at the Top
    1. What Is a TMT?
    2. The TMT’s Strategic Work
    3. Promises and Pitfalls
    4. TMT Impact on the Organization
    5. The Structure of This Book
    6. Make It Work for Your TMT
  6. Chapter 2: Inside the Boardroom: TMT Behavior
    1. TMT Behavior: Processes and States
    2. Three Indicators for TMT Performance
    3. TMT Processes: Making Tasks and Relationships Work
    4. TMT Emergent States
    5. Inside the Boardroom: Concluding Remarks
    6. Make It Work for Your TMT
  7. Chapter 3: Outside the Boardroom: The Relationship Between the TMT and Middle Managers
    1. Why Are Middle Managers So Important for the TMT?
    2. Asymmetry of Information, Interests, and Influence
    3. Key Processes Between the TMT and Middle Managers
    4. Managing Information Exchange and Mutual Influencing
    5. Interaction Moments: Windows of Opportunity
    6. Ensuring Alignment With Limited and Infrequent Interaction
    7. The Role of Trust
    8. Outside the Boardroom: Concluding Remarks
    9. Make It Work for Your TMT
  8. Chapter 4: TMT Sensemaking About Middle Managers
    1. The Leadership Challenge
    2. Sensemaking About Leading Middle Managers
    3. Case Illustration: The Research Setting
    4. Images of Leadership in the TMT
    5. TMT Sensemaking: Concluding Remarks
    6. Make It Work for Your TMT
  9. Chapter 5: Middle Manager Perspectives
    1. Why Study Middle Managers’ Expectations and Evaluations of TMT Performance?
    2. Five Aspects of TMT Performance
    3. Research Focus
    4. Results of the Study
    5. How TMTs Can Use These Results
    6. Middle Manager Perspectives: Concluding Remarks
    7. Make It Work for Your TMT
  10. Chapter 6: Making It Work
    1. Inside the Boardroom
    2. Outside the Boardroom
  11. Notes
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
  12. References
  13. Announcing the Business Expert Press Digital Library
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  • Title: Top Management Teams
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606491805