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Top Stocks 2015: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies, 21st Edition

Book Description

The best-selling guide to Australia's top stocks, updated for 2015

Top Stocks 2015: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies is the definitive guide to the best stocks to buy on the Australian sharemarket. With all the key information in an easy-to-read format, this book allows even inexperienced investors the chance to build an impressive portfolio. Cut through the noise and hype to find clear, objective information on each of Australia's top companies, with a focus on profitability, debt levels and dividends. Over 100 charts and tables give you easy access to each company's financial data in a format that allows for quick comparison, helping you make informed decisions about your financial future.

Every investor—no matter how big or small the portfolio—must look beyond share prices and examine key information about the companies they're considering as investments. In this 21st Edition, Martin Roth applies his tried-and-tested selection criteria and rigorous analysis to determine the best public companies in Australia for 2015. This resource profiles the companies that met a meticulous set of criteria, distilled to a concise selection of premium purchases across market sectors, allowing readers to:

  • Get individual, unbiased analysis of the latest results from top Australian companies

  • Compare sales and profit data, with in-depth ratio analysis

  • Study the comprehensive research detailing each company's overall outlook

  • Easily visualize how each company measures up in tables that rank by financial data

  • Why wade through individual company reports when all the information you need about the nation's best companies is bound in a single easy-to-read volume? Leave the complex data to the analysts and focus on the clear winners. With Top Stocks 2015, you get the data you need and the expert insight you trust.

    Table of Contents

    1. Preface
    2. Introduction
    3. PART I The companies
      1. 1300 Smiles Limited
      2. Adelaide Brighton Limited
      3. ALS Limited
      4. Amcom Telecommunications Limited
      5. Ansell Limited
      6. ANZ Banking Group Limited
      7. ARB Corporation Limited
      8. Aristocrat Leisure Limited
      9. ASX Limited
      10. Austbrokers Holdings Limited
      11. Beyond International Limited
      12. BHP Billiton Limited
      13. Blackmores Limited
      14. Breville Group Limited
      15. Cabcharge Australia Limited
      16. Caltex Australia Limited
      17. Cardno Limited
      18. Cedar Woods Properties Limited
      19. Cochlear Limited
      20. Collection House Limited
      21. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
      22. Credit Corp Group Limited
      23. Crown Resorts Limited
      24. CSL Limited
      25. CTI Logistics Limited
      26. Data#3 Limited
      27. Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited
      28. DWS Limited
      29. Euroz Limited
      30. Finbar Group Limited
      31. Flight Centre Travel Group Limited
      32. G8 Education Limited
      33. Greencross Limited
      34. GUD Holdings Limited
      35. GWA Group Limited
      36. Hansen Technologies Limited
      37. iiNet Limited
      38. Infomedia Limited
      39. Insurance Australia Group Limited
      40. Integrated Research Limited
      41. IOOF Holdings Limited
      42. IRESS Limited
      43. JB Hi-Fi Limited
      44. Lend Lease Group
      45. Macquarie Group Limited
      46. MaxiTRANS Industries Limited
      47. McMillan Shakespeare Limited
      48. Mermaid Marine Australia Limited
      49. Metcash Limited
      50. Mineral Resources Limited
      51. Monadelphous Group Limited
      52. Money3 Corporation Limited
      53. Mortgage Choice Limited
      54. My Net Fone Limited
      55. Myer Holdings Limited
      56. MyState Limited
      57. National Australia Bank Limited
      58. Navitas Limited
      59. NIB Holdings Limited
      60. Nick Scali Limited
      61. NRW Holdings Limited
      62. Orica Limited
      63. OrotonGroup Limited
      64. Patties Foods Limited
      65. Perpetual Limited
      66. Platinum Asset Management Limited
      67. Prime Media Group Limited
      68. Ramsay Health Care Limited
      69. RCG Corporation Limited
      70. RCR Tomlinson Limited
      71. Reckon Limited
      72. Reece Australia Limited
      73. The Reject Shop Limited
      74. Retail Food Group Limited
      75. Rio Tinto Limited
      76. SAI Global Limited
      77. Seek Limited
      78. Servcorp Limited
      79. Slater & Gordon Limited
      80. SMS Management & Technology Ltd
      81. Sonic Healthcare Limited
      82. STW Communications Group Limited
      83. Super Retail Group Limited
      84. Tassal Group Limited
      85. Technology One Limited
      86. Thorn Group Limited
      87. Toll Holdings Limited
      88. TPG Telecom Limited
      89. Treasury Group Limited
      90. Webjet Limited
      91. Wellcom Group Limited
      92. Westpac Banking Corporation
      93. Woodside Petroleum Limited
      94. Woolworths Limited
      95. WorleyParsons Limited
      96. Wotif.com Holdings Limited
    4. PART II The tables
      1. A Market capitalisation
      2. B Revenues
      3. C Year-on-year revenues growth
      4. D EBIT margin
      5. E Year-on-year EBIT margin growth
      6. F After-tax profit
      7. G Year-on-year earnings-per-share growth
      8. H Return on equity
      9. I Year-on-year return on equity growth
      10. J Debt-to-equity ratio
      11. K Current ratio
      12. L Price/earnings ratio
      13. M Price-to-NTA-per-share ratio
      14. N Dividend yield
      15. O Year-on-year dividend growth
      16. P Five-year share price return
      17. Q Non-interest income to total income
      18. R Cost-to-income ratio
      19. S Return on assets
    5. Advert
    6. End User License Agreement