Top Thought Leaders Share Their Best Innovation Ideas (Collection)

Book description

Today’s hottest new ideas for supercharging business innovation--from the cutting-edge experts who are making it happen, right now!

Fast, powerful, realistic solutions for jumpstarting innovation--whatever you sell, whatever industry you’re in! Discover how to change the playing field, leverage your customers’ insights and expertise, uncover huge unmet needs, craft great customer experiences, and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Jim Champy, Michael A. Roberto, Phil Baker, Stewart Emery, Satish Nambisan, Mohanbir Sawhney, David Edery, Barry Libert, Jon Spector, and many more.

Included in this collection:

• Compete by Changing: How Shutterfly Succeeded on a New and Larger Playing Field (Jim Champy)

• Innovating in a Connected World: Harnessing the Vast Creative Potential Outside Your Company (Satish Nambisan/Mohanbir Sawhney)

• Simplifying Complexity: How Go Daddy Met Its Customers’ Unmet Needs (Jim Champy)

• Compete By Bursting the Bubble: How MinuteClinic Met the Unmet Health Care Needs of Millions–Cheaply and Conveniently (Jim Champy)

• Compete By Meeting Unmet Needs: How ZipCar Rethought the Car Rental Business (Jim Champy)

• Do You Matter? (And How to Make Sure You Do) (Robert Brunner/Stewart Emery/Russ Hall)

• Why Your Company Must Have a Design Culture (Robert Brunner/Stewart Emery/Russ Hall)

• How Great Products and Services Supply Great User Experiences (Robert Brunner/Stewart Emery/Russ Hall)

• Piggybacking to Success: Jibbitz Accessorizes Crocs (Jim Champy)

• Communities of Innovation: How Video Game Makers Capture Millions of Dollars of Innovation from User Communities and You Can, Too! (David Edery, Ethan Mollick)

• Profiting from the Clash of Ideas: Constructive Conflict Leads to Better Decisions and Results (Michael A. Roberto)

• What Could Be More Inspiring Than Honesty?: How and Why Honest Tea Keeps Its Brand Promises (Jim Champy)

• Just Develop It! Managing the Fast-Track New Product Team (Phil Baker)

• Design Matters–A Lot: Don’t Develop Products Without It! (Phil Baker)

• We Are Smarter Than Me: Crowdsourcing New Businesses (Barry Libert, Jon Spector)

Product information

  • Title: Top Thought Leaders Share Their Best Innovation Ideas (Collection)
  • Author(s): FT Press Delivers
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132489560