Step 9: Zero defects day
Using a little show business, fun and celebration has its own feel-good advantage.
The day commemorates the revelation of ZD, an event that will let all employees
realize through a personal experience, that they are embarking on change and a
new way of corporate life. It is also the day when top management on a public
platform reiterates its commitment to the zero-defect approach.
Step 10: Setting goals
Turn pledges and commitments into action by encouraging individuals to establish
and specify measurable improvement goals for themselves and their group in pursuit
of the ultimate goal of zero defects. Discourage minor goals.
Step 11: Removing causes of error
As opposed to a suggestion scheme, this step envisages giving the employees a
method to recognize the problems that stand in the way of implementing the
pledge to improve quality, and communicate their findings to the management so
that steps can be taken to remove the causes.
Step 12: Recognition
To appreciate those who participate and recognize their contribution publicly and
loudly. All individuals now know that management seriously needs their help
and sincerely appreciates it.
Step 13: Quality councils
These bring together professional quality people and teams to determine the
actions necessary to upgrade and improve the quality programmes. This helps
planned communication, mutual learning, and improvement.
Step 14: Do it over again
Repetition makes the programme perpetual; it gains speed, takes on many new
tacks, develops new ways of doing things, and causes even more improvement.
As quality improvement programmes get entrenched in the way of working, they
become the culture of the company.
It seems that there are two distinct lines. One line sees a bigger picture or role for
quality theory beyond the quality of specific products and services and stresses the
need for deep philosophical indoctrination of all concerned to make total quality
management really effective. The other advocates a more ‘pragmatic’ method of
boosting product and service quality through an integrated quality management

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