Richard has a lot of down days. Lately, half of this 35-year-old trader’s week could be described as a down day. On low-energy days, his work is performed at half speed. He thinks slowly and avoids doing anything challenging. He coasts through the day until dinnertime, hoping that he does not make a major mistake or miss a great opportunity. Recently, his wife became so concerned about his energy level that she forced him to get a major physical checkup. His doctor could find nothing physically wrong but could not provide any changes to stop the down days. This was his situation when he called me for help. The first thing was to isolate the cause.


Most of our down days result from low physical or emotional energy. Since our minds and bodies are interdependent, when one system is down, the other system seems to go down as well. If we are depressed emotionally, we often find that our bodies will also seem to lose energy. Many people who are physically sick often become depressed or feel emotionally fragile. The good news is that lifting one system often provides improvement to the other system.

The Physical Causes

Before you look for emotional energy sappers, eliminate the possible physical causes. And, always check with your doctor before implementing a new program. Major illnesses such as cancer, kidney and heart disease, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, or multiple sclerosis have symptoms where down days become progressively worse as the body’s ...

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