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Trading the Trend (Collection)

Book Description

World-renowned trading strategist Michael Covel helps you master and profit from trend following: the only strategy proven to work in any market environment!

Trend following is the only investment strategy repeatedly proven to work in any market environment! Now, in two remarkable eBooks, the world's #1 trend following author reveals why it works so well, and shows how you can apply it to earn exceptional, consistent profit in your own trades. In Trend Following (Updated Edition): Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets, MichaelCovel teaches all the fundamental concepts and techniques you'll need, demonstrating how to understand price movements well enough to consistently profit from them. Covel presents updated profiles of top trend followers who've kept right on profiting through the toughest markets. He even presents simple charts created from their actual trades: powerful visual support for the power of trend following! Next, in Trend Commandments: Trading for Exceptional Returns, Covel distills the essential wisdom of this strategy into fascinating, bite-sized pieces that any investor can understand and use: real moneymaking insights from true winners, backed by real performance results. Learn how one of the biggest names in trend following made over 20% in August 2010 alone… and why this strategy keeps making big money when everyone else is dropping like a stone… and how to escape the cycle of "panic, fear, hope, and return-to-panic" in today's age of non-stop financial crisis!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Trend Following
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. Praise for Trend Following
    4. Foreword
    5. Preface
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Author
    8. Part I
      1. 1 Trend Following
      2. 2 Great Trend Followers
    9. Part II
      1. 3 Performance Data
      2. 4 Big Events, Crashes, and Panics
      3. 5 Baseball: Thinking Outside the Batter’s Box
    10. Part III
      1. 6 Human Behavior
      2. 7 Decision Making
      3. 8 Science of Trading
      4. 9 Holy Grails
    11. Part IV
      1. 10 Trading Systems
      2. 11 The Game
      3. Afterword
      4. Foreword to the First Edition by Charles Faulkner
    12. Appendices
      1. Introduction to Appendices
      2. A Trend Following for Stocks
      3. B Performance Guide
      4. C Short-Term Trading
      5. D Personality Traits of Successful Traders
      6. E Trend Following Models
      7. F Trading System Example from Mechanica
      8. G Critical Questions for Trading Systems
    13. Resources
    14. Endnotes
    15. Bibliography
    16. Index
    17. Trend following
  5. Trend Commandments
    1. Copyright Page
    2. Dedication Page
    3. Praise for Trend Commandments
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Ignition
    6. Expectations
    7. Jargon
    8. Show Me the Money
    9. Blowing Bubbles
    10. Speculari
    11. Fundamentals Are Religion
    12. Everything Flows
    13. Systematic Trend Following
    14. Change
    15. No Prediction
    16. Price Action
    17. Place Your Bet
    18. Trading Systems
    19. Trade Everything
    20. Drawdown
    21. Entry
    22. This Way to the Egress
    23. Losers Average Losers
    24. Home Run
    25. Robust
    26. Push the Button
    27. Wash, Rinse, Repeat
    28. Zero-Sum
    29. Crash and Burn
    30. Inefficient Markets
    31. Benchmark
    32. Haters
    33. The Root of All Evil
    34. Panicky Sheep
    35. IQ vs. EQ
    36. Commitment
    37. Decide Now
    38. Science
    39. Statistical Thinking
    40. Aha!
    41. Hero Worship
    42. Buy and Hope
    43. Convert
    44. Oracle of Omaha
    45. A Seinfeld Moment
    46. Snow Job
    47. Twit Me a River
    48. Goldline
    49. Intoxication
    50. Parliament of Whores
    51. Crowded House
    52. Black Box
    53. Lucky Monkey
    54. Honest
    55. Under the Radar
    56. Ethos
    57. Games People Play
    58. Blood Hound
    59. Epilogue
    60. Extras
    61. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
    62. Origins
    63. Cheat Sheet
    64. Quick Commandments
    65. Bibliography
    66. Endnotes
    67. About Trend Following & Michael Covel
    68. Index
    69. FT Press