Trading Systems

Jake: The band? The band.

Reverend Cleophus James:Do you see the light?

Jake: The band!

Reverend Cleophus James:Do you see the light?

Elwood: What light?

Reverend Cleophus James:Have you seen the light?

Jake: Yes! Yes!

Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ...

I have seen the light!1

You want to see the light? Trading coach Charles Faulkner paints a picture:

• No one can predict the future.

• If you can take the would-be, could-be, should-be out of life and look at what actually is, you have a big advantage over most human beings.

• What matters can be measured, so keep refining your measurements.

• You don’t need to know when something will happen to know that it will.

• Prices can only move up, down, or sideways.

• Losses are a part of ...

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