accumulation Term usually applied to the transfer of stocks into the institutional sector, or buying pressure resulting in increased stock values. advance-decline line Each day's number of declining issues is subtracted from the number of advancing issues. The net difference is added to a running sum if the difference is positive or subtracted from the running sum if the difference is negative. American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) Receipts held by an American bank that represent shares in a foreign company. arbitrage Technique of buying and selling securities to take advantage of small differences in price. auction market Trading securities on a stock exchange where buyers compete with other buyers and sellers compete with other sellers for the best stock price. Trading in individual stocks is managed and kept orderly by a specialist. bear A person who thinks that a market, an industry, or prices in general, will decline. bear market Generally a period of time when security prices decline 15 percent or more. Big Board Another name for the New York Stock Exchange. block trade Buying or selling 10,000 shares of stock or $200,000 or more worth of bonds. blue chip stocks Stocks of companies known for their long-established record of earning profits and paying dividends. Bollinger bands Fixed lines calculated to be above and below a security's average price. As volatility increases, the bands widen. bottom fishing Trying to buy stocks whose prices ...

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