Chapter 11. Marketplace/Brand Eminence

Trailblazer companies have highly recognizable brands, some of which have existed for more than 100 years. But how does inclusion and diversity relate to brand eminence in the marketplace? How does this aspect of marketing come into the mix, and what impact does it have?

Throughout this book, we've discussed the ways in which inclusion and diversity influence an organization's systems, culture, and people. We've looked a great deal at the internal influence of elements such as CEO commitment, advisory councils, professional development, metrics, and accountability. These topics and the others we've covered up to this point are integrally involved and absolutely critical to advancing and sustaining inclusion and diversity efforts.

Trailblazers maintain that each organization's reputation in the broader marketplace has a lot to do with its ability to attract new and retain existing talent. The credibility that outsiders afford the company—the "street cred," as some call it—speaks volumes about the organization. It indicates whether the company is considered a magnet for talented prospective employees to flock to join and one that current employees feel proud to be a part of—or whether the word on the street is unfavorable or downright negative. Such a reputation would likely deter potential employees and decrease employee moral for those employees who remain at the company for whatever their reasons.

Whatever side of the equation you choose, you ...

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