Trainer Basics

Book description

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and occasional trainers are increasingly sharing the training burden in organizations. Yet these "instant trainers" often are not familiar with even the basic terminology or practices of the training profession. Trainer Basics is written specifically to answer three key questions these new trainers ask: What does a trainer do and why? How can I develop must-have skills quickly? How do I apply training knowledge today? New trainers will appreciate the informative quick learning "hits" hroughout the book, including helpful reminders called Think About This, cut-to-the-chase rules called Basic Rules, and additional key concept points called Noted. Every chapter ends with quick learning exercises called Getting It Done to reinforce key chapter information. Written in direct and understandable language by a veteran trainer, this book also offers professional trainers a much-needed tool to help train these new ranks of trainers. Just hand Training Basics to a new trainer and within a few hours the job of explaining the basics of instructional design, adult learning, needs analysis, evaluation, and presentation and facilitation skills is done.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Training Basics Series
  3. Preface
    1. How This Book Can Help You on Your Way
    2. Where to Go From Here
  4. An Introduction to Training
    1. Where Do Trainers Begin?
    2. What Does a Trainer Do?
    3. Training Versus Education
    4. Instructional Design
    5. Trainers Today
    6. Trainer-Speak
    7. Getting It Done
  5. Adult Learning Theory
    1. Adult Learner Characteristics
    2. The Need to Learn
    3. How Do You Know Your Learners Actually Learned?
    4. Learn by Doing
    5. Other Adult Learning Processes
    6. Getting It Done
  6. Analyzing Training Needs
    1. The Foundation of Training
    2. How to Do Analysis—Tools and Techniques
    3. Analysis—It Takes Time
    4. So What’s the Problem?
    5. Analysis As a System
    6. The Reality of Analysis
    7. Getting It Done
  7. The Importance of Learning Objectives
    1. Why Bother With Objectives?
    2. How to Structure Objectives
    3. Constructing a Training Objective
    4. Getting It Done
  8. The Basics of Evaluation
    1. Level 1 Evaluation
    2. Level 2 Evaluation
    3. Level 3 Evaluation
    4. Level 4 Evaluation
    5. Level 5 Evaluation
    6. Getting It Done
  9. Creating a Training Program
    1. Training Plans
    2. The Delivery Decision
    3. Types of Training Programs
    4. One-on-One Training
    5. Self-Directed Learning
    6. E-Learning
    7. Getting It Done
  10. Skills and Tools Most Trainers Need
    1. Instructional Design
    2. Classroom Facilitation
    3. Presentation Skills
    4. PowerPoint Presentations
    5. Project Management
    6. Getting It Done
  11. Training Systems, Marketing, and Maintenance
    1. What Is a Training System?
    2. Development As Training
    3. Marketing Strategy
    4. Maintenance Strategy
    5. Getting It Done
  12. The Universe of the Trainer
    1. Where Do You Fit in the Universe of Training?
    2. Getting It Done
  13. References
  14. Additional Resources
  15. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Trainer Basics
  • Author(s): George Piskurich
  • Release date: December 2003
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 1562863509