Chapter 8

Implementing Training Designs: Your Job as a Facilitator

In This Chapter

arrow Clarifying the terms: trainer, presenter, and facilitator

arrow Identifying facilitation techniques effective trainers use

arrow Introducing, supporting, and processing activities

arrow Determining how to increase participation

Building on the definitions presented in Chapter 2, I want to further clarify that our profession is about what we do, not what we call ourselves. So whether you call yourself a trainer, a facilitative trainer, a facilitator, a presenter, or a talent developer, the title doesn’t matter as long as you are clear about what you do to ensure that learning occurs and that the learning is transferred to the workplace to make a difference.

Some believe that all a trainer does is stand in front of a group to lead a learning event. But you know that is incorrect. A professional trainer must be able to conduct every step in the ADDIE model; must know the organization’s strategy and goals and how talent development helps achieve them; must be adept at change management, knowledge management, and coaching; ...

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