Chapter 20

Ten Ways to Save Time While Training

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying ways to save time while encouraging participation

arrow Identifying ways to catch up if you have fallen behind schedule

arrow Determining how to save time without diminishing learning

As a trainer you will want to keep everything moving along in your session. You recognize the importance of maximizing participation yet are concerned about how much time you have available. This is particularly true in a virtual setting. At times you may need to address issues that your learners are focused on before you move forward with the designed learning experience.

  • How do you save time while increasing participation?
  • How do you save time without diminishing any learning experiences?
  • How do you catch up if you have fallen behind schedule?

Consider the Relationship of Time to Small Groups

If you need to save time during the small group exercise, form more groups with fewer people. A smaller group will accomplish the task faster than a large group. If you need to save time during the report-out stage, form fewer groups with more people. You will have fewer reports to hear.

You could also have groups report just one item at a ...

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