Chapter 19. Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

"Let me guess: fish taco for dinner," Martin said, smiling.

"All the time. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fish is great brain food and good for mental toughness, believe it or not," Coach said as he walked over to Martin and put his hand on his shoulder. He added, "As I told you earlier, mental toughness is the key. The brain is an interesting thing. It can actually be molded and impacted by the foods we feed it and the thoughts we feed it. A lot of people think that mental toughness is something we are born with. And while genes do play a part, the research shows that it's something we can develop. I have a friend who is a pro golfer, and he's gone head to head with Tiger Woods. He told me that everyone focuses on Tiger's swing and training program. They try to emulate what he is doing physically. But what they should be doing is following his mental routine and attempting to develop the same type of mental focus and strength. That's where Tiger wins every time. The thing is, Tiger's been doing it for years. He wasn't born a tiger. He became a tiger by developing mental toughness from an early age, and that's what I want to talk to you about today. To be the best you have to train and develop your mind as much as your body, and you must start now."

"Gus told me that the other day," Martin said.

"Well, good. Gus and I make a great team because now I'm going ...

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