Chapter 9

Being Prepared to Succeed


Bullet Preparing your training environment

Bullet Preparing your participants

Bullet Preparing yourself for facilitating

Bullet Creating a learner-focused attitude

“Proper preparation and practice prevent poor performance.” As a new trainer in the early 1980s, this was one of the first messages my colleagues shared with me. I later learned that Bob Pike coined and published this statement that he calls the six Ps of an effective presentation. Bob believes that 80 percent of being a good trainer and getting people involved depends on adequate preparation. I agree.

A training session may at times seem like the proverbial iceberg: Participants see only the top 10 percent. I sometimes think that’s how some trainers want to see it, too.

In this chapter, you discover how to address the other 90 percent that’s below the surface: how to prepare the environment, the participants, and yourself before the training experience. You know you need to be prepared to succeed, and this chapter gets you there.

Preparing Your Environment

When your participants walk into the ...

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