I HAVE HAD THE ENORMOUS GOOD FORTUNE to be able to make the journey described in this book together with many great companions.

I am indebted to the pioneers of scenario planning, who have been generous with their support, including Napier Collyns, Ged Davis, Peter Schwartz, Clem Sunter, Kees van der Heijden, and Pierre Wack.

I am grateful for the comradeship of my fellow travelers, including Antonio Aranibar, Clara Arenas, Tova Averbuch, Sarah Babb, Matt Bland, Manuel José Carvajal, David Chrislip, Daniel Coates, Ruth de Krivoy, Patrick Dodson, Betty Sue Flowers, Katherine Fulton, Pippa Green, Oscar Grossmann, Erika Gregory, Avner Haramati, Barbara Heinzen, Joseph Jaworski, Katrin Käufer, Art Kleiner, Pieter le Roux, Sarah Maddison, ...

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