CHAPTER 33Transformation Evangelism

Once you've done an assessment and have a good understanding of the various tactics you might use to transform the product model, we encourage companies to create a transformation plan. We hope you will write this plan down, and have a very clear owner of making the plan happen.

The Transformation Plan

Ultimately, the transformation plan will represent a good deal of work.

And as with any such enumeration of work, it will be important to assign ownership and accountability to each item of work. There's nothing wrong with having several people working together on any given task, or the entire effort, but in most company cultures, without ownership and accountability, you get little in the way of results.

Now that you have a plan to transform your organization, you need to execute on that plan.

This effort will need to continue for a significant period of time—usually somewhere between six months and two years—and it is very easy for an organization to lose focus or interest. You will need to work hard to avoid that.

Note on Task Ownership

As with most difficult efforts, the key is to have named owners who are responsible and accountable for specific transformation work.

Similarly, it's key to have a named senior product leader who takes real ownership of this overall transformation plan—tracking and reporting progress.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that a committee is the way to make progress on any large and difficult project. ...

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