PART IIIProduct Model Competencies

In prior models, product teams exist to serve the needs of the business or, more accurately, the business leaders.

But in the product model, product teams exist to solve hard problems for your customers and for your business, in ways your customers love, yet work for the business.

This difference may sound minor, but the consequences are quite significant in terms of how teams work and how they interact with the rest of the company.

Consider for a moment the implications of this. We are essentially pushing the decisions and responsibility for finding the best solution to the problem down to the relevant product team, and then holding that team accountable for the results.

This is what drives the need for the new product core competencies.

Strong products are created by strong product teams, and strong product teams are staffed with the critical new product competencies.

In this section, we discuss each of these critical new core competencies so that you know what to look for and what to expect, and are not fooled when someone adopts a new title but doesn't have the necessary skills or experience to back it up.

It's important not to underestimate the effort to establish these new competencies. Everything that follows in this book is built upon these competencies.

To be very clear, unless you are willing to establish these new competencies, your transformation hopes will likely end here.

It's important to acknowledge that these new competencies ...

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