Chapter 10

Blockchain—Powering and Empowering the Poor in Developing Countries

Jane Thomason1, Mira Ahmad2, Pascale Bronder2, Edward Hoyt2, Steven Pocock1, Julien Bouteloupe3, Katrina Donaghy4, David Huysman5, Tony Willenberg5, Ben Joakim6, Loretta Joseph7, David Martin8 and David Shrier9,    1Abt Associates, Australia,    2Abt Associates, United States,    3Doshup Ltd, United Kingdom,    4Civic Ledger, Australia,    5Neocapita, Romania,    6Disberse, United Kingdom,    7Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association1,    8Power Ledger, Australia,    9University of Oxford2, United Kingdom


Climate change has a disproportionate impact on the world’s poor. Developing countries will require tens of billions of dollars in new funding annually ...

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