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Transitioning to Agile

Book Description

Today’s digital revolution is disrupting the way established companies do business, causing a great deal of anxiety among corporate CEOs. But disruption, while demanding, can be a positive force in your company. Many enterprises have responded by adopting Agile software development, a methodology that can help you reinvent your organization for the digital age, from the development team all the way to the executive suite.

In this report, Rick Freedman—author of The Agile Consultant—explains what Agile brings to the table, and how it can change your hierarchies, operations, and company culture. Digital disruption affects every business with an accelerating rate of change that makes company agility and responsiveness imperative. This report explains how Agile can position your organization to respond quickly and decisively.

You’ll learn how:

  • Agile can help you move toward a customer-centric focus that informs every product decision
  • Migration to Agile should stress strategic responsiveness and organizational flexibility, rather than development tactics
  • Your roadmap for transitioning to Agile needs to help all parties understand, accept, and encourage its methods
  • The responsive enterprise can rapidly fulfill customers’ desires, whether that involves product features or the way they do business with you