Chapter 6

Solution of the Transmission-Line Equations for Three-Conductor Lossy Lines

In this final chapter we determine the effect of line losses on the near- and far-end crosstalk voltages, img and img. There are two sources of the line loss:

1. The resistance of the line conductors

2. Losses in the surrounding dielectric medium, as in the case of the dielectric within a coaxial cable or the dielectric board of a PCB

We will find that the resistance of the line conductors begin to increase from their constant dc values to a rate of img above a certain frequency where the conductor cross-sectional dimensions begin to become on the order of a few skin depths:

(6.1) equation

where f is the frequency of the currents on them, img is the permeability of the conductors (which is generally assumed to be nonmagnetic and is therefore that of free space, img), and is the conductivity of copper, of which most conductors ...

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