6    Negotiating Double Binds of In-Between

A Gendered Perspective of Formal andInformal Social Supports in Transnationality

Luann Good Gingrich

A French feminist playwright and theorist, Hélène Cixous, writes this about the place of in-between, of entredeux:

Entredeux is a word . . . to designate a true in-between—between a life which is ending and a life which is beginning. For me, an entredeux is: nothing. It is, because there is entredeux. But it is—I will go through metaphors—a moment in a life where you are not entirely living, where you are almost dead. Where you are not dead. Where you are not yet in the process of reliving. These are the innumerable moments that touch us with bereavements of all sorts. There is bereavement between me, ...

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